Hena Qureshi

Founder, Executive Director

Hena is currently pursuing a MSc. in Health Economics and has completed a B.Sc. in Biological Sciences and a B.A. in Economics. She is also a certified CPR & First Aid Instructor for Heart and Stroke Canada, EMP Canada and the Canadian Red Cross.

Hena has been volunteering since a young age and believes the best way to help someone is to provide them with the necessary tools and knowledge to help them help themselves. She believes empowering individuals through self-actualization will help each person realize their potential to change their own situation and lead a sustainable and healthier life.

Rizwan Qureshi

Director of Communications and Fundraising

Rizwan is a medical doctor who has completed his family medicine residency from the University of Manitoba. He completed a fellowship in family oncology and is currently working in cancer care.

Rizwan passion is to provide communities with the basic necessities not only to survive, but also to thrive. He firmly believes success is a product of hard work and opportunity. After volunteering his time to several organizations, he felt giving only donations to help families was not sustainable. Past experiences have deepened his conviction to help those in need but in a manner that is efficient, accountable, productive and sustainable.

Sameea Qureshi

Director of Finance

Sameea Qureshi is a resident of internal medicine at the University of Alberta with an educational background in biological sciences and nursing that was focused in pediatrics.

Sameea is passionate about many things in life; especially about helping others reach their full potential, as she believes that individuals should not be victims of their circumstances. Although she has been involved in many charitable organizations, her interest lies mainly in aiding the plight of minority groups both in the Canada and abroad. Sameea’s recent focus has been on serving underprivileged youth, as she believes that they hold the keys to the futures of their respective countries and thus should be provided with more opportunities to empower themselves.

Ingrid Ascencio

Economic Empowerment Program Coordinator

Ingrid Ascencio, is a Mechanical Engineer with over 10 yrs. of experience with a Master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering. She’s also an entrepreneur who has started her side business as a professional photographer in the west suburbs of Chicago, IL.

Ingrid has had a natural talent for business since an early age and hopes to bring some basic principles and vision to young people in anticipation to create some opportunities to their own financial stability.

Megan Ng

CPR and First Aid Program Coordinator

Megan is a CPR & First Aid Instructor certified by both Heart and Stroke Canada and the Canadian Red Cross. She has an academic background in both Biology and Social & Cultural Anthropology and has a passion for Global Health.

Megan strongly believes that healthcare is a basic human right and there should be equitable access for all. She is also interested in finding sustainable and effective ways to deliver humanitarian aid in addition to addressing population health (both prevention and treatment) from a variety of cultural perspectives.