CEO and Founder, Gem for Gems

Jordan Guildford come’s from the small town of Scott’s Bay in Nova Scotia where she was raised with her sister and brother on a small hobby farm consisting of sheep, ducks and horses. Growing up food, hot water and other essentials items were often a luxury. Despite all they endured, they acquired valuable pillars upon which our lives were governed; humility, kindness and compassion, truth, honor and courage. These are the principles by which Jordan continues to live her life, and are the foundation for Gems for Gems.Humility: Jordan has been committed to the concept of doing good, not for the recognition it acquires but for the satisfaction of the act itself. Mathew 6:3 “But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what the right hand doeth.” Gems for Gems was founded on this concept. The growth of Gems for Gems has brought more notoriety; however, the importance of humble giving is maintained through the collaborative efforts and execution of both the ‘Christmas Jewelry Drive’ and ‘Zero to Hero’ events. These private events are geared exclusively towards women in shelters without public attendance or press.

Kindness and Compassion: It is of utmost importance that Kindness and Compassion be at the forefront of all of Jordan’s ventures, decisions and collaborative efforts both personally and professionally.

Truth: Who are you if you can’t be trusted?

Honour and Courage: Jordan feels that honour and courage should drive any ethically aware company. Unfortunately, these principles are often lost in the pursuit of growth and greed or in the face of desperation. Acting with honour and making courageous decisions, when tackling difficult situations is how we ensure we can grow while maintaining our humility, kindness, compassion and truth.

Gems for Gems and Jordan remain true to these pillars; rising above all expectations due to a dedicated belief and assistance from a strong community of like-minded, compassionate people. Jordan continues to remain incredibly grateful for all the faith and support she and Gems for Gems have received.