Little Sparrows Entrepreneurship Program

Inspiring Creativity and Innovation


Currently, the education community in Alberta has prioritized the need to foster an entrepreneurial spirit in students to become more engaged thinkers and ethically minded citizens. GSC’s solution is to implement a framework into the Alberta K-12 curriculum that incorporates these subjects and skills (Figure 1) into a program called the LSEP.

Figure 1: Framework for student learning – the subject areas and skills the LSEP will focus on – developing an entrepreneurial spirit so that students will become better engaged thinkers and ethically-minded citizens

Little Sparrows Entrepreneurship Program

Little Sparrows inspires creativity and innovation, while teaching students how to leverage knowledge as a resource. The program fosters an entrepreneurial thinking culture, and provides an opportunity for students to apply their knowledge in a practical setting. The LSEP pilot program is taking place with a grade two class at Sturgeon Heights School, St. Albert, Alberta. As a pilot program, LSEP is focused on creating a sustainable and adaptable model that, if so desired, can be easily replicated and seamlessly incorporated into the Alberta K-12 curriculum. The project is a foundational support that can become a resource base for teachers to access, helping to nurture an entrepreneurial spirit in their students.

The program is divided into the following five phases: Idea Generation, Small Business Startup, Product Development, Product Marketing and Selling, and Product Enhancement and Business Growth.


All program lesson plans and objectives will be consulted and evaluated by content experts in the area. The program will also teach students about civic engagement. All profits raised from the small business activity will be donated to GSC Maryam School for Girls.


Introduction to Entrepreneurial thinking

Creating viable business solutions to solving social problems


Small Business Start Up

Explanations of what small businesses are, their organizational structure, and how they are run

Students will build a basic business model


Product Development


Product Marketing & Selling

Understanding the target market

Creating a communications, and sale strategy to sell products


Product Enhancement & Business Growth

Receive and incorporate feedback to improve product

Social Impact


  • Access to an adaptable framework for lesson planning
  • Support goals of Alberta’s Ministry of Education


  • Nurturing entrepreneurial spirit, improving creative thinking, develop ethical mindsets
  • Growing leadership skills


  • Building relationships with local and international communities
  • Building educational institute for orphaned girls

Pilot Project Impact

Students Taught
Money Raised
$ 0

Social Giving

Help empower girls to achieve independence and self-sufficiency.